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Gear That Gets the Gig: Interview Wear

Posted on 24 October 2016

A new job interview is stressful enough without worrying about what to wear. With the ever-changing face of women's work wear, it might seem like you have a closet full of nothing on the big day. Instead of worrying, plan ahead. The right outfit and accessories just may land you that dream job.

Dress to Impress Without Showing Off 
You know you want to impress the person who may be your new employer the moment you walk through the door. This does not mean choosing the most expensive outfit or the hottest name brands. You want to match, but not so much it looks like you're wearing a uniform. You want to look neat, but not rigid, stylish, but not too far into the latest trends that your professionalism suffers.

Slim, knee-length dresses with bold geometric designs and unique necklines are in this year. Instead of reaching for something too outlandish or revealing, choose a color-block sheath in subdued colors or basic black with metallic accents and jewelry.

Know What the Work Wear Style is Before You Go
Picking out the best interview outfit depends largely on the standard level of dress at that particular workplace. The traditional rule is to pick an outfit just a bit more polished and businesslike than what is usually worn there on an average day.

Very few companies stick with corporate formal business attire these days, but if you interview with one, wear the classics. A women's suit with a matching jacket and skirt or trousers could be paired with a button down or blouse in a solid color. Avoid excessively bright colors and low cut tops.

At a more laid-back company, business casual attire is more appropriate. This popular type of office wear pairs a skirt or trousers with a blouse, shirt, or sweater. This is where you can explore more stylish options like the latest in ultra-feminine blouses with ribbons or bows and solid lace skirts.

Avoid trendy pieces from head to toe. Instead, slip that bow-front blouse over a pair of dark, slim jeans and shrug on a neat tailored jacket or boyfriend blazer. Add a splash of interest with bright heels and a patterned leather bag.

Understand the Creative Trends in Women's Office Wear
Most professional jobs want professional style, but what if you are interviewing at a more creative company? Maybe you want a position at a graphic design studio or a tech startup specializing in the hottest new apps.

You still need to impress the people on the other side of the desk, but this time, you can explore your more fun and unique side as well. These creative businesses tend to be more casual, so go for the bold geometrics on a skinny-skirted dress. Pair a lace skirt with boots and a cotton top. Replace the simple metal jewelry with chunky beads.

When you walk into that room and sit across from the company representatives or HR department ready to answer their tough questions about your qualifications and capabilities, you need to make a great first impression if you want to get the job. Although high fashion is never necessary, presenting yourself as a professional woman with great style and judgment helps the interviewers understand the qualities you can bring to their company.

Clothes may not make the man, but they can help the woman land her dream gig.

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