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What is Scuba Fabric?

Posted on 04 August 2017

You've heard about it in the latest fashion magazines and online, but what exactly is scuba fabric?

Scuba fabric is the fashion version of neoprene, the skin-tight fabric used by scuba divers. Scuba is a double-knit fabric, usually made of Polyester mixed with either Lycra or Spandex. Scuba dresses are very flattering no matter the figure (they look great on plus size ladies!) because they smooth out any imperfections and provide extra support. Think of it as pretty spandex you can wear on the outside, in prettier prints and patterns. 

When scuba fabric first made its appearance in the Spring of 2012 the styles were very much sports-inspired, with a lot of stripes and bold neon colors. With time, however, the scuba trend has become more sophisticated. From scuba dresses to scuba skirts, now you can wear this fabric to the office or for a night out in the town.

Scuba fabric is perfect for travel because it doesn't take up much space and doesn't wrinkle. 

Tips for Caring for Scuba Fabric

Always wash scuba fabrics in cold temperatures with like-color clothing. Hang to dry. If you scuba dress has foil print, you may hand wash it cold, or turn it inside out and wash with similar colors, in the gently cycle.


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