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ECI New York embraces and celebrates a woman's freedom of expression and strives to represent the modern, confident and stylish woman. She knows what she wants, she knows how to get it and is more than comfortable revealing the aspect of her persona that will rise to the occasion at hand.

Sweet or sexy. Confident or coy. A woman can change her mind and her mood whenever she desires. This is as evident in a fleeting glance as it is in her outfit of the day. A woman’s clothing is her canvas. What she wears on the outside reflects the colors of her mind, heart and soul inside. 

Whether it’s boss of the boardroom, cocktail coquette, festival fox or queen for a night, we provide the wardrobe for whatever role a woman wants to play. Our use of bold colors, unique prints and smart design allows us to create on-trend, high-quality clothing that will always honor a woman’s sense of style and value.


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